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Genesys Logic Announces Industry’s First GL883C/GL889C Fast Charging Identification Chips that Support the Intelligent Power Allocation (Smart Budget) Function Date:2016/05/13

As new portable electronics products are being released all the time, each person may have 3~4 devices on them that require charging, such as mobile phones, tablets, smart watches and power banks etc. In order to prevent carrying all different types of chargers, there are many multi-port wall chargers and car chargers available on the market to make it more convenient for users. However, if the total current level of the multi-port wall/car charger is insufficient, or if all ports are fully connected to charging devices, it might cause the wall/car charger to crash. When this happens, some of the devices that need to be charged might have to be removed first, or the master power of the wall/car charger has to be unplugged and then plugged in again.


In addition, the maximum current level of most multi-port wall/car chargers available on the market are not large enough to charge all ports at highest current level. The reasons are, one, it is for lowering the cost, and, two, it is to make the product smaller. In light of this problem, Genesys Logic leads the industry and announces the “intelligent power allocation (Smart Budget)” function, and is currently applying for the patent. The GL883C and GL889C identification chips that are equipped with the “intelligent power allocation (Smart Budget)” function communicate with the others through GPIO to provide highest current level required for the first device connected that needs to be charge first, and then the second and third devices and so on until the total current required for all devices that need to be charged exceeds the total power designed for the product. Then GL883C/GL889C will disable quick charge function automatically.


Genesys Logic announced four chips that are equipped with the “intelligent power application (Smart Budget)” function this time, including:

(1) GL883C: USB Type-C™ DFP seven-in-one fast charging identification controller

(2) GL883CR: USB Type-C™ DRP seven-in-one fast charging identification controller

(3) GL889C: USB Type-C™ DFP three-in-one fast charging identification controller

(4) GL889CR: USB Type-C™ DRP three-in-one fast charging identification controller


GL883C and GL889C are suitable to be applied on the USB ports of wall chargers or car chargers, and GL883CR and GL889CR are suitable to be applied on the bi-directional quick charge/discharge USB port of power banks.


For more information on Genesys Logic and quick charge identification products, please visit Genesys Logic’s website http://www.genesyslogic.com/en/product_list.php?1st=6&2nd=14


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Genesys Logic specializes in the design, manufacturing, testing, and selling of ICs for PC peripherals and related products, and provides comprehensive solutions for consumer electronics and systems manufacturers. Our core competency lies in the development and application of high-speed SerDes technology. In addition to USB 3.1 Gen 1/2 technology, we have put a lot of effort into researching and developing high-speed SerDes interface technology to keep up with the trend of the new cross-disciplines and cross-platform technologies, and grasp the opportunities in the application markets.


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